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MyselfSrushti Christian, I am from Umreth, Anand, Gujarat (India), it’s been 6 months since i have arrived in Ukraine from India (Gujarat).I am staying in V N Karazin Kharkiv national University, which is considered to be the top medical university in Ukraine and I have realized the fact that studying here will definitely shape up my future and I will become a good doctor. It has been an awesome experience coming to Ukraine, its peaceful, beautiful and definitely one of the best places in the world to live. People in this country are very nice, helpful, and peaceful, they always treat Indians warmly. Here I am enjoying good hostel facilities, study environment. More importantly university’s teaching faculty is excellent and helpful. Here study is completely in English medium. A technique of teaching is very good as teachers prefer more practical studies than theories, which will definitely make us a good doctor. I would like to thank Xpertise Education Consultancy for guiding me to take admission in V N Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine. It’s been a good experience living here and I am enjoying facilities and comforts more than I have been told and promised.
Thanking you.

Srushti Christian (Umreth, Gujarat) V. N. Karazi

It was pleasure having consultations for my further studies from Xpertise Education Consultancy. I am really obliged for your help making my dream come true.

Thank you,

Divyesh Kiranbhai Hirpara (Jamnagar, Gujarat) Cr

As Nupur’s father, I am thankful toXpertise Education Consultancy for their guidance and support to my daughter to take admission in V N karazin Kharkiv National University. I was very much confused after attending many different seminars of different universities but there was something missing till I attended the seminar of Xpertise Education Consultancy, my all doubts got clear. And the main thing about this university is besides the top level education, the university tuition  fee is less than all other Ukrainian universities. I would like to appreciates the efforts of Xpertise team, and what I most appreciate is the care and the concern shown by all, for Nupur to come out with a good score, I must say your concern was not less than, us- the parents!

Mr Ashwin bhai Shah (Advocate), Father of Nupur Sh

It was just a year before when I was confused and thrilled, a very complicated situation gushing inside me. I was so confused, which country to go, which university to choose, I was getting more confused after attending seminars, but after meeting the counsellors of Xpertise Education Consultancy, they advice me properly and cleared all my doubts nicely. Finally I decided to go to Ukraine for my MBBS study. Still I was so worried like what will happen there, how the country will be, how the university will be, how the people will be over there, but after coming here, I felt amazed, by seeing university campus, hostel, city, everything is so good. People here are so polite and peaceful, seniors were so helpful. The most important thing, there is not ragging system here.

It was pleasure having consultations for my further studies from Xpertise Education Consultancy. I am really obliged for your help making my dream come true.

Prem Patel (Nadiad, Anand) Kharkiv National Medica